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Earned Value Management/ Project Control Systems


Gafy & Company utilizes earned value management systems to critique and measure a contractor’s forward progress. With earned value management in place, we can assist any owner or contractor in monitoring cost and schedule performance to identify whether a project is behind/ahead of schedule and under/over budget.


We assist our clients in developing, monitoring and measuring the following cost and schedule parameters:


Earn Value Measurements

  • Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (BCWS)

  • Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP)

  • Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP)

  • Cost Variance (CV)

  • Schedule Variance (SV)

  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)

  • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)



Industry Project Controls and Scheduling Software


  • Project 4D™

  • ConstructSim™

  • Primavera™

  • Claim Digger™

  • Microsoft Project™

  • Finest Hour™

  • Others : Oracle Primavera - Deltek Open Plan- EcoSys - Evengine Project Control - Spider Project - Schedulecracker - Acumen Fuse - Microsoft Project- Syncro - eTimeMachine - Ares PRISM - MPI : Micro Planner X-Pert- Project Kickstart Pro 5- Prediction Plus - Safran- Schedule Analyser - Wireless Gravity- XENA - Primavera Configuration Utility - Steelray Project Analyser- Tilos- XER Manager Executive Portlets 

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